Prezi: Prezi Desktop


Prezi Desktop is a feature on that allows users to work on their Prezi presentations offline. The option of creating and saving a Prezi offline is made available only to Prezi "Pro" members. Prezi Desktop can be installed on any computer and the files can be stored locally or uploaded to your online Prezi account. The benefits of Prezi Desktop  include: 

  • Creating, Editing, and Publishing your Prezi offline.

  • Ability to convert a Prezi that was created in an earlier version of Prezi Desktop to a Prezi file.

  • Ability to download a Prezi file(*.pez extension) from your online account to open in Prezi Desktop.

  • Prezi Desktop can be used on 3 computers.

To Download the My Prezi Desktop:

1. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Apps.

Apps button

2. Scroll down until the user sees Prezi Desktop. Click the Learn more about Prezi Desktop Button. 

Prezi Desktop option

3. Click Dowload Prezi.

Prezi Desktop download button

NOTE: the user cannot use the option if he/she does not have the Prezi pro membership.

4. After opening the download, the Prezi Setup wizard will open. Click on Install. 

Prezi Setup Wizard

5. When the setup is complete, click on Launch to open the app. 

Launching the Prezi app

6. After downloading and following the directions, log in.

Prezi Login window


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