Notepad++: Installation Instructions


To Install Notepad++ on a Windows Operating System:

1. Login to TigerWare to begin the download.

Download link for NotePad on Tigerware

2. Select Save File to continue with the installation process.

Save file dialog box

3. Choose a Destination for the file.

Choose a destination for the file

4. Select your Language and then click OK.

Language options for the application

5. Click Next in the installation welcome screen.

Notepad ++ welcome screen for installation

6. Choose your Install Location, then click Next.

Choose install location window for Notepad ++

7. Choose the Components you would like to include. In most cases, these do not need to be changed.

Choose components to install along with Notepad ++

8. Choose the additional Components you would like for Notepad++. Most of these are only for advanced users, other than the option for the desktop shortcut.

The second step of component selection in the Notepad ++ installation window

9. Click Finish to exit the installer and run Notepad++. Uncheck the Run checkbox if you do not want the program to automatically run.

finished installation screen of Notepad ++


Refenced from: Notepad ++



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