Office365 ProPlus: Troubleshooting


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Office365 ProPlus: Troubleshooting

Office 365 ProPlus provides a new kind of Office 365 that enables you to access all of your Office programs across all your devices. With this new technology, however, problems may arise, including those related to licensing, activation, or connectivity. Below are some steps to take when you encounter problems in Office 365 ProPlus.

Troubleshooting Office 365 ProPlus

You may encounter errors if you have any other versions of Office installed. 

Office error when trying to install multiple Office products on one computer


You'll get this error message if you try to install an Office 365 subscription product or a standalone Office application when you have another version of Microsoft Office Professional Plus or Microsoft Office Standard already installed on your computer. You can uninstall the current version of Office installed in your device.

Please see the links below for information on uninstalling the previously installed version of Office:

Office: How to Uninstall Your Office Programs (Windows)

Office: How to Uninstall Your Office Programs (Mac)



Issues with Logging In

If you are having issues logging in, please make sure you enter LSUMail password and that you are typing it in correctly. In the event that you have forgotten your password, please follow GROK 15958 to reset your LSUMail password and then wait at least 30 minutes before log back in your account. If you need further assistance, please contact the Help Desk at 225-578-3375 or

Issues with Activation

If you are having issues with running Office 365 ProPlus, such as it stating that it is in "Reduced functionality mode" or "Product Deactivated", then it is an activation issue. This is most commonly encountered when Office 365 has been disconnected from the internet for 30 days. If this happens, simply reconnect to the internet and Office 365 should restore all functionality after it becomes reactivated. You may need to restart Office 365 or the computer if the activation does not fully register. If you are still having activation problems after connecting to the internet and restarting your computer, please contact the Help Desk at 225-578-3375 or email

Other Issues

If you are having other issues with Office 365 ProPlus, such as issues with the program itself, try Repairing Office 365. You can do this by following the steps below:

  1. Go to your Control Panel by pushing the Windows key then typing "Control Panel", then selecting it.
  2. Select Programs and then go to Programs and Features. It will open up the Uninstall or change a program window.
  3. Right click Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus, and click Change.
  4. Now you can select how you'd like to repair Office 365 Pro Plus- by either a Quick Repair or Online Repair. You may try a Quick Repair first- however, if this does not fix the problem, you can try the Online Repair. The Online Repair may take up to 10 minutes or more and requires a constant internet connection. Online Repair will also upgrade you to the newest version of Office 365.

Microsoft Office ProPlus repair

5.  If none of the above steps work, you will need to uninstall Office 365 ProPlus and then reinstall it for your operating system- either Windows, Mac, or iOS. If you still have problems after uninstalling and reinstalling, contact the Help Desk at 225-578-3375 or email


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