Office365 ProPlus: Installing the App on an iOS Device


To Install Office 365 ProPlus on an iPhone:

1. Download Outlook for iOS from the App Store.

Download Outlook from the App store

2. Open the Outlook app.

Outlook app on the homescreen

3. Tap Get Started at the bottom of the screen.

Get Started button on the startup screen of the app.

4. Enter your LSUMail address.

PLEASE NOTE: You must include the full address. (ex:

entering email address in outlook app

5. Sign-in with your LSUMail account password.

page for Outlook

6. Click Maybe Later unless you want to add another account. 

Add another account option

7. You have now installed and signed in to your LSUMail Office 365 Business acount.

Referenced from: Microsoft

9/6/2017 3:21:01 PM