Windows 8.1: Access System Setup to Select Disk Drive

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To Access System Setup to Select Disk Drive:

1.  Start by pressing [Windows logo key] + C to open the charms.

2.  Click Settings.

3.  Click on Change PC Settings.

4.  Click on the General tab, located on the left side.

5.  Scroll down the menu on the right side to bottom & locate the Advanced startup section.  Read the information & click Restart now.

[Warning: Be sure to save any unsaved work before you click Restart Now!]

PC Settings menu

6. The computer should begin to restart.

7. After restarting the computer the Choose an option menu screen will appear.

Choose an option Menu

8. Several options are listed in the menu, select Troubleshoot (Refresh or reset your PC or use advanced tools)

9. Select Advanced options within Troubleshoot menu screen.

Advanced options Menu

10. Select UEFI Firmware Settings (Change settings in your PC's UEFI firmware)

11. Select Restart within UEFI Firmware Settings menu screen.

UEFI Firmware Settings

12. The computer's logo should appear on loading screen as BIOS starts-up.

NOTE: Since every BIOS setup utility is different, the specifics on where the boot order options are located varies from computer to computer. The menu option or configuration item might be called Boot Options, Boot, Boot Order, etc. The boot order option may even be located within a general menu option like Advanced Options, Advanced BIOS Features, or Other Options.

See Example BIOS Only. (The computer's BIOS may be slightly different.)

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