Campus Life: How to Apply for Supplemental Funding for Student Organizations

How to Apply for Supplemental Funding for Student Organizations:

There are three types of funding that can be applied for Student Organizational funding through LSU Student Government. Registered student organizations have the opportunity to apply for supplemental funding from three different campus sources. These sources include the Organization Relief Fund (ORF), Programming, Support and Initiatives Fund (PSIF), and Student Senate. A brief description is listed below for each fund.

Organizational Relief Fund (ORF)

Organization Relief Fund (ORF) helps with travel expenses for full-time students attending educational, academic, or professional conferences, conventions, or competitions.

Programs, Support & Initiatives Fund (PSIF):

Programming, Support and Initiatives Fee (PSIF) is a student fee allocated to new student organizations, organizations hosting conferences on campus, sport clubs, and organizations who host late-night programs for students. 

Student Senate

Student Senate provides funding for programs, conventions, or competitions. Student organizations can speak to a Student Senator or complete a Funding Request Form located in the Student Government or Student Senate Offices.

To obtain the applications, committee meeting dates, and additional information can be found on the Student Government website at

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