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Note: LSU no longer supports Kaltura. Please use Panopto for video creation, editing, sharing and storage. Panopto integrates easily into your Moodle course and also avoids several known issues with Kaltura.

If you need to migrate your existing Kaltura videos to Panopto, please see the following article: How to Transfer Kaltura Recordings into Panopto


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Kaltura was a tool available to LSU Faculty, Staff & Students to create, publish, and distribute audio and video by adding it to Moodle courses. To view more information and examples of use, see Kaltura's Video Solutions for Education.

There were 2 Kaltura areas in Moodle. The first is located in the Navigation block and is called Kaltura My Media. Files uploaded here are private to the user until the video has been added to a course. The second area is called the Kaltura Course Media gallery. It is located in the Administration block of a course. Videos added to the Course Media area are accessible to only those enrolled in the course. It is NOT where students submit Kaltura Video Assignments.

Adding a video to the Course Media  will automatically add that video to the user's My Media. However, if a user adds a video to My Media, it is NOT automatically added to the Course Media. (It is private until added to a course.)


Faculty & Instructors 

Create Video Content:

Kaltura: My Media -- Accessing, Adding, Deleting, and Publishing (Faculty & Instructors)

     Adding Content to your Course:

Publishing a Kaltura Video Resource to your Course

Add a Kaltura Video Assignment to your Course

Embed a Kaltura Video into a Moodle Activity or Resource

Current Students

Add Video Files to Kaltura My Media (Students)

Submit Media to a Kaltura Assignment

View Your Grade and Feedback on a Kaltura Submission

View a Video (Students)


Additional Training & Support Resources

  Training with LSU's Faculty Technology Center

Kaltura: How to Order Captions

Kaltura: How to Edit Captions


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