General Information on Anti-Virus Filters


Computer viruses are an ever-present threat to your computer's safety.  Successful defense against viruses requires diligence on both the system and end user levels.

Although the server here at LSU filters viruses, the end user should add another layer of protection on his/her computer by installing additional anti-virus software. The University purchased a license for Symantec Antivirus Corporate Edition that allows all LSU users to install the anti-virus software on a campus or home-owned computer. The security tab in TigerWare displays various security software packages to help protect against harmful computer viruses, spyware, and adware. For a list of software offered through TigerWare see the category: Security software and security updates. For additional information see the Symantec Endpoint Protection: LSU Overview.

NOTE: TigerWare offers basic packages for students, faculty, and staff that include software to assist in Internet usage, organization, note-taking, and security. The basic packages include essential security software needed for effective computer protection and necessary updating. 

Not all viruses are spread through e-mail, so all system servers and end user PCs should have installed the latest vulnerability patches from Microsoft. The security vulnerabilities in the Windows operating systems allow remote systems to infect and hijack susceptible machines for their own use. Compromised machines often become vehicles for spammers to deliver their advertisements or as staging platforms for further infection of other un-patched PCs. These patches are installed through Windows Update services.

For the latest patches and updates, visit the Microsoft Windows Update Web site.

8/29/2017 4:35:52 PM