Pismo: Mounting an ISO

Mount an .ISO File

Important Note: You CANNOT use this method to install an Operating System, only to install Applications.

1. Browse to the .iso file that you want to Mount to install software.

2. Right-click the file and select PFM Mount from the drop-down menu.

right-click drop down menu from file with PFM Mount selected.

3. Select the Drive letter you would like it to be mounted as in the Map drive drop-down menu.

Setting drive letter with Map drive menu at the right of the window

4. Change any other optional preferences you need, such as global user access and mount formatting, then click Mount at the bottom. 

access and mount options in middle of window and Mount button at bottom

5. Your .iso is now Mounted. You can now install the downloaded application.


Referenced: pismotec.com/pfm/

1/30/2024 3:15:27 PM