Connecting to eduroam for LSU Users: Off-Campus

LSU students, faculty and staff can use their myLSU account ID to log on to the network when visiting an eduroam participating institution.

Understanding the Difference Between "Authentication" & "Authorization"

There are two elements in the eduroam architecture that need to be understood: authentication and authorization. Authentication is the process of validating a user's credentials. Authorization is the process of granting and specifying user access. In eduroam, the authentication process is carried out by the home institution. As an LSU user, this means that if you visit a European institution, when you log on to their eduroam network, our LSU RADIUS server will receive a request to validate you as a legitimate LSU user. Once we authenticate you, the European institutions' network will determine the type of access that you as a visitor will have. This can vary from institution to institution depending on their policies.

Configuring Your Wireless Adapter

The configuration settings for eduroam are the same as the settings for connecting to eduroam on the LSU campus (see Wireless: Connect to the LSU Wireless Network), with the exception of the encryption type. The SSID is eduroam, it should be broadcast and it should be consistent across all participating institutions. The encryption type will depend on whatever the visited institution has decided to support. Below are some basic settings that you will need. Obtain information from the institution you are planning to visit in order to get all the required settings.

ESSID (Network Name): eduroam
Network Type: Infrastructure (or Access Point)
Network Authentication: <visited institution authentication type>1
Data Encryption: <visited institution encryption type>1
Authentication Method/Protocol: MSCHAP-v2
Trusted Root Certification Authorities: AAA Certificate Services
Server name:

NOTE: Please know that at minimum an eduroam institution should support WPA. WEP & TKIP are not acceptable, as they are insecure.

Logging on to eduroam

To log on to eduroam you will need to enter your myLSU account ID and Password. Because the eduroam infrastructure needs to know how to route your authentication request, your username will need to be entered in the format [myLSU ID]

How do I Know if an Institution Supports eduroam?

If you are planning to visit an institution and you want to know whether they support eduroam, search their homepage to find out more information.

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