Mathematica 10: Installation Instructions for Faculty & Staff

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To Install Mathematica:

1. Click the link found under Mathematica 10.4.0 License Manager Link  on the Mathematica 10.4.0 TigerWare page.

mathematica install link

2. On the Setup's first screen, click Next to continue the installation process.

Wolfram mathematica setup window

3. Choose a destination to install to, if you want one other than the default location. Click Next to continue the installation process.

Destination screen for wolfram mathematica setup

4. Select desired components to install then click Next.

Mathematica component selection window

5. Choose whether you would like to create a Start Menu shortcut then click Next.

 Start menu selection window for wolfram mathematica setup

6. Click Install to complete the installation process.

Final installation window for Wolfram Mathematica setup

7. Wait on the installation process to complete.  

installation process for wolfram mathematica

8. Click Finish to complete installation and launch the application. 

Completion Wolfram mathematica installation window

9. Content is now installed. Continue the setup by entering your activation key.

Wolfram mathematica activation window


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