Convert 4.10: Preferences


Convert 4.10 is a program used for unit conversions. 

To Find the Preferences:

1. Select Options, located at the top of the main window.

2. Scroll down to Preferences from the drop down box displayed.

 Preferences option on the options toolbar.

3. The Preferences window should then appear.

In the preferences category are the tabs labeled: General, Tabs, and Custom.

  • In General, you can adjust the decimal-point precision by typing in your preferred number.  You can also edit your preferences for show hand, use scientific notation, and show warning about negative values for Kelvin by clicking the box beside each preference.

Preferences window.

  • In Tabs, you can determine the order and visibility of the conversions of your choice by checking the boxes and selecting the up and down buttons.

tabs tab on the options dialog box.

  • In Custom, you can create your own custom conversions.  The first unit box is where you can type the unit you are converting from.  In the factor box, input the unit.  The second unit box you will type the unit you are converting to.

customs tab in the options dialog box.


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