Blender: Mouse Button Emulation


General Information

It is perfectly possible to use Blender with a two-button mouse or an Apple single-button Mouse. The missing buttons can be emulated with key/mouse button combos.  

NOTE:  It could be that a MacBook Pro running Blender 2.62 in Ubuntu VMware uses Option-Mouse for RMB & Command-Mouse for? MMB.

To Activate this Functionality

1. Open User Preferences.

opening user preferences


2. Switch to the Input tab.

3. Check the box next to Emulate 3 Button Mouse under Mouse.

changing emulation settings

Combos Used

  2-button Mouse Apple Mouse

Left Mouse Button 

[Left Mouse Button]

[mouse button]

Middle Mouse Button 

Alt + [Left Mouse Button]

Alt + [mouse button]

Right Mouse Button 

[Right Mouse Button]

Command + [mouse button]

NOTE: LMB (left mouse button), RMB (right mouse button), MMB (middle mouse button).

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