Authorization Codes for Campus Long Distance Calls

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General Information

A long-distance Authorization Code is a 7-digit number that allows LSU Faculty & Staff to make a long distance telephone call from any LSU campus telephone. Each month all phone calls made by a long distance authorization code are itemized in their departments ITS monthly billing. Each LSU faculty and staff member is required to review and authorize that all of the calls made under their long distance authorization codes were made for LSU business. Personal use of University long distance service is strictly prohibited.

Eligibility & Order Procedures

Available To:     LSU Faculty, Students, Staff & On-Campus Departments.

Delivery Time:    24 to 48 Hours.  (times are approximate)

Request Service:    

  • LSU Faculty & Staff:   Submit an Online Service Request.  Use this Request Form for the following services:
    • To Request an LSU long-distance Authorization Code.
    • To Change the Budget Code for a long-distance Authorization Code.
    • To De-activate a long-distance Authorization Code.

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Service Desk Contact Information

Policy Statements

University Policy for Long Distance Calls Paid by University Departments: Long distance calls are billed to University Departments & Offices, and itemized listings of these calls are sent to each department monthly. Personal use of University long distance service is strictly prohibited. User signatures are required on call detail listings to certify that all calls made were for University business.

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