Cisco Finesse for Contact Centers

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NOTE: Users must already be logged in to Cisco Jabber to use Cisco Finesse for Contact Centers.
To Open Cisco Finesse:

1. Please go to this link: Cisco UCCX Finesse

2. Sign in with your myLSU ID and password.

3. Enter your IPCC Extension provided by ITS to your Department.

4. The system will bring you to this Home Screen.

Cisco Finesse home page displaying statistics


5. The system defaults users into "Not Ready" Status. Change this status by clicking on the Drop Down Menu and selecting "Ready" to answer calls. If going to lunch or away from your desk, use this same Drop Down to go back into "Not Ready" status

clicking Not Ready at the top of the screen and selecting the Ready option in the menu


6. To log out for the day, go to the Account Drop Down and Select Sign Out/Off Work.

clicking the account icon at the top right corner, then selecting Sign Out in the menu, and selecting Off Work underneath


7. To make a call from the system, select the Dial Pad at the top right.

selecting the dial pad at the top right of the screen


8. To view History, click the My History icon on the left.

the my history icon in the left sidebar


9. To view Agent Statistics, click the My Statistics icon on the left.

the my statistics icon in the left sidebar

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