Avaya 2400: Create a Speed Dial Entry

Speed Dial Capacity

Maximum # of Speed Dial Entries for the Avaya 2410 Phone:   48

Maximum # of Speed Dial Entries for the Avaya 2420 Phone:   104

Speed Dial Video Tutorial

This Video Demonstration is for the Avaya 2400 Series Phones.  It demonstrates how to ADD a new speed dial entry and how to USE speed dial to make a phone call.

Add A Speed Dial Entry

1. Press one of the 4 soft grey buttons, located under the display screen of the phone.

2. Press the ‘SpDial’ button.

3. Press the ‘Add’ button.

4. Type the Name & Phone Number for the new speed dial entry.

5. Press Save and then press Done.

6. A Confirmation Tone will sound when the new speed dial entry was added successfully.

Use Speed Dial to Make a Call

1. Pick up the phone handset.

2. Press the ‘SpDial’ button.

3. Press the grey button next to the speed dial entry.

8/11/2023 2:10:15 PM